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Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired was founded by Hildesheimer Blindenmission in 1897. Deaconesses were sent from Germany to spread the gospel, Christian Ministry is now still funded by donations from Hildesheimer Blindenmission. The Ebenezer name now includes Ebenezer School, Ebenezer New Hope School, Early Intervention Programme, Ebenezer Child Care Centre and the Ebenezer Care and Attention Home. Christian Ministry serves Ebenezer students, and residents of the C & A Home.



The Christian Ministry includes the religious work within the organization and evangelical work to former students. Our religious officer is responsible for giving Bible lessons and arranging all religious activities within the organization. We have two staff working with our former students, giving them support in their social life and organizing evangelical activities. Our ministry is funded partly by the Hildesheimer Blindenmission and the rest through donations. Your prayer and donations will be a great support to us.



The most important thing that Ebenezer can provide for our children besides academic and technical skills is to let them know that God loves them and has prepared for them salvation. Religion is an integral part of life at Ebenezer. Religious activities include fellowship groups, morning and evening devotion and annual events like the Advent, Joint Christmas Celebration and camp. They are varied and cater to the different needs of the children.