I am very grateful to have the EIP services. Not only do the teachers but also senior occupational therapist and staff will be in the classroom to prepare the lesson that meets the child's needs.My child was scared of a stranger, and she doesn't like to talk to anyone except close family members. With ECCC, my child learns a lot from school and looks much happier than before.
Mother of a VI childMother of a VI child
Ebenezer provides me with opportunities for musical performance and allows me to meet new friends which make my life fulfilling. Ebenezer values development through extracurricular activities. I have the chance to know things that my classmates may not know.Resource teachers have taught me so many things over the years; for example, they provided me with tutoring in writing and reading, and solving problems relating to geometry. They also taught me how to use the magnifier, etc.
Student with VIStudent with VI
Resource teachers are very nice that they help students navigate the environment and show them how to go to and get back from school. They give advice to the mainstream school teachers and help students with VI in their adaptation. 
Mainstream school staff